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09 марта 2016г.
Издание монографий, учебной и научной литературы в Европе и США (2016)
03 марта 2016г.
X Международный педагогический конкурс «ПЕДАГОГИКА И ПСИХОЛОГИЯ: ВЧЕРА, СЕГОДНЯ, ЗАВТРА» (2016)
01 марта 2016г.
II Международный конкурс детских рисунков «Палитра сказок»

Chabanov V. E. Theoretical bases of basic economics (part 1) / Чабанов В.Е. Теоретические основы фундаментальной экономики (Часть 1)

МагазинНаучные монографииChabanov V. E. Theoretical bases of basic economics (part 1) / Чабанов В.Е. Теоретические основы фундаментальной экономики (Часть 1)

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Chabanov V. E.  Theoretical bases of basic economics (part 1) / Чабанов В.Е. Теоретические  основы  фундаментальной  экономики (Часть 1)

Место издания: North Carolina, USA
Обложка: мягкая, КБС
Объем: 103 стр.


Modern economy whose main objective is income rather than providing people with the means of existence, the inevitability of becoming cash rental and operational. It effectively turns the hunting society where everyone seeks more to shoot, take, use, rather than cultivate, produce, create. And it is clear that such an economy is not able to be highly productive, it is not intended for all, but only for some. In fact, luck is not all.
The economy has turned into a factory for the production of useful things you want to change the philosophy of management, to make it self-consistent, harmonious, productive. And it is obvious that modern economics make it incapable of too different here. And to build a harmonious economy is useless as a reference, use the form of economic organization, implemented in the leading countries of the world, as it is done everywhere. Have the same problem of social injustice and low productivity, and they also are not able to resolve them. Or don't want to?!
It seems more sensible to use as a reference the nature in all its manifestations. After all, the man is not a special education non- the nature living by their own laws, and a built in It a phenomenon, ordained him function. And if the hard natural patterns he behaves contrary to the laws, then it becomes in them foreign body and all the forces of nature against him Wrestling. On the other hand, natural laws work, regardless of whether or not they are known, as they are interpreted and applied. And the more economical practice fits into these rules, so she better, higher efficiency and productivity.
Study of natural laws of self-organization and is the subject of this book. Moreover, it describes not only the laws of reproduction, but consumer values and ways of their implementation. Shows how the least expensive way to change the monetary system, industrial relations and tax strategy. Describes how to convert a modern administrative system of the vast, unmanaged and theft body in sound economic management.
Monograph written in plain language and may be useful for scientists-economists, administrators and students, the general public interested in the crucial decision of contemporary Russian and world problems.


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