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Belenky, L. P. The cultural foundations of the theory of author's (bard) song

МагазинНаучные монографииBelenky, L. P. The cultural foundations of the theory of author's (bard) song

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Leonid Petrovich Belenky
The cultural foundations of the theory of author's (bard) song

Леонид Петрович Беленький
Культурологические основы теории авторской песни

Место издания: North Carolina, USA
Обложка: мягкая, КБС
Объем: 171 стр.


The second half of the twentieth century led to the emergence of a peculiar
phenomenon in Russian song culture, which was called “author's (bard) song” and
strongly declared itself in song space of the Soviet Union, surpassing professional
composers and lyrics writers of the Soviet songs. There are hundreds of publications
devoted to various aspects of the author's song covered in different fields and disci-
plines: history, Philology, sociology, art history, musicology, pedagogy, etc. However,
despite the plethora of views and opinions regarding art song, still there is a lack of
studies covering this phenomenon in General, and not particular positions. The result
of this situation is the absence to date of not only the theory of author's song, which
has been developed in an interdisciplinary space, but even science-based approaches
to its creation.
Published monograph is the first attempt to develop cultural foundations of the
theory of art song by identifying structural-typological relations in the author's song as
the phenomenon in General in relation to the space marked by categorical coordinates
“culture – art”.



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